Wednesday, May 2, 2007

It's MAY!!!

(well I GUESS it was May yesterday AS WELL, but I forgot to notice)
What is May like so far for you?
For me it's really fun.
NEXT week I have a pretty cool episode planned! It's called "Fancy Nancy: With Commentary" There are no illusions folks, it's exactly what I says it is, see. It's fancy nancy...with commentary. I'm sorry, you get it, you get it. ALSO this weekend I am going to the KENTUCKY DERBY!!! Wish me Luck! I'm bringing "The Source"!!! (He's pumped) Stay tuned NEXT NEXT week for "Fancy Nancy and the Bad Book Sale" See ya!


Anonymous said...

I get it!

I hope The Source wins the Derby!

Anonymous said...

CInco de Mayo was great. Hope you enjoyed the race!