Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Come one, come ALL


I'm judging the costume contest, so look cool and remember it's not about winning, it's just about...dressing cool.
and winning.

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Jere said...

Another live fn event I'll be missing. I notice at the bottom it says portions of the proceeds go to "God's Love We Deliver." When I lived in the city, I worked in the volunteering to help old folks field, and the name of this place would come up every once in a while.

Even coming from the mouths of non-teenage girls, I never knew what the hell was being said:

"Well, my past volunteer experiences are, let's see, God's Love We Deliver, uh..."

"Wait, what, you ate some Cole Slaw and did Weed Delivery?"

"No, no, God's Love We Deliver."

"Coz Law Oui Lever?"


"Ohhhhhh. Huh?"