Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Trials & Tribs' of Goin' PRO!

I am 1) Exhausted and TWO: Tired.
I finished my episode today, but it was like TEN minutes shorter than it should have been. R.D.J. wouldn't stop CALLING. (Robert Downy Jr.) "Fancy Nancy Goes PRO" airs THIS Monday @ Midnight. That's March, I MEAN April 2nd. All and all my episode was really fun to make. My friends were really good sports about the whole sitch and sure enough I learned another AWESOME lesson. So if you CAN, tune in and see who the "new guy" is this week. ALSO... "The Source" has a serious secret that he's on the fence about revealing. What's he gonna say? Will he ever tell? PLUS check out this bonus footage of f.n.'s friends AUDITIONING for a commercial!!!

P.S. Tribs' is short for tribulations.


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Anonymous said...

I need to see more of the penguins. They rock! And give people other than your boyfriend a chance to guest star in your commercial. ;)